Septic System FAQs

You've got questions about septic systems? We've got the answers!

How long does it take to install a new septic system?

A typical septic system takes just one day of work to install. There are steps we take to make sure the installation goes smoothly. Learn more in this video.

Medications can effect your septic tank

Learn how some medications can affect your septic tank and system. Downs will inspect your septic tank, pump and restart if necessary.

Do you install my new septic tank over the old tank?

Do you have to dig a new hole or can my new septic tank be installed where the old tank is burried? The answer is here!

Who does the inspection for new septic system installation?

Learn who is legally allowed to do the inspection of a new septic system installation.

Do you install new pipes when installing a new septic system?

Should you expect new plumbing pipes when your new septic tank and system are installed? Randy explains that Downs uses all new pipes that are specified by code.

What could cause delays in septic system installation?

We almost always get the new septic system installed in 1 day. Sometimes there can be delays in installing a new septic system. Learn what can cause delays here.

What happens when you find rock when digging?

Downs Septic Systems has the solution for rock and bedrock when digging a hole for a new septic tank or septic system.