Excavation and Backhoe Work

Expert excavation Cuyahoga Falls
Large & Small Backhoes for every need

Downs has the experience and skilled operators to do the excavation work you need. We do trenching for sewer lines, water line installation, gas line replacement and downspout drain lines.

Excavation for septic system repairs and new installation.

We also can do other excavating work where a highly skilled operator is required. Call today for more info.

  1. Drain and sewer pipe installation

    Downs expert excavators are proud to be affiliated with these organizations:

    • Onsite Waste Water Certified
    • Ohio Onsite Waste Water Association Member
    • OUPS (Ohio Underground Protection Service) Facilitator
    • Continuing Education at WWETT (Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show)

Downspout Replacement

Basement water problems? Let us check your downspout drains first!

We can inspect your downspouts with our video camera inspection system to determine if there is any blockage in your downspouts.

When downspout drains need to be replaced we only use top quality 3,500 lb crush PVC pipe installed with standard and laser transit for proper fall in the drain pipe. Call Downs now at