Water or Hydro Jetting

Akron and Medina water jet sewer drain pipe cleaning
Clear blocked pipes fast with water jetting

Sewer drain jetters are ideal for removing soap scum residue, grease, hair and food blockages in drains as well as for maintaining and cleaning production lines.

They are also great for cutting roots, removal of mineral deposits and corrosion, industrial pipe and tube cleaning.

High Powered Hydro Jet

  1. An example of how efficient the water jet can work!

Blast the Grease Clogs!

Cuyahoga Falls drain pipe hydrojetting
Video Pipe Inspection

Maybe someone accidentally flushed a diaper or some other item that should not be flushed down a toilet. We might find that is what has caused the drain pipe to become clogged and stop passing waste water. In that case we might recommend using sewer jetting to remove the clog.

Sewer Line Backup?

Are tree roots the problem? If so we may recommend either mechanical cutting or using a chemical agent like RootX to remove and prevent a reoccurance of the root growth.