Drain line & Sewer Line Video Camera Inspection

Sewer and drain pipe cleaning Akron and Medina
We can see what is causing the blockage

There are a lot of instances where a look inside of a pipe or septic system would be a great help in solving a clogged drain or other plumbing blockage.

Downs has a high tech video inspection system for inspecting blocked sewer pipes or other plumbing lines. Once we take a look inside we can procede with the best option for correcting your plumbing problems.

A Look Inside Your Pipes!

  1. Once we know what is causing the blockage in a pipe we can recommend the best treatment

Seeing the blockage

Cuyahoga Falls drain pipe video camera inspection
Pipe blocked by flushed objects?

Maybe someone accidentally flushed a diaper or some other item that should not be flushed down a toilet. We might find that is what has caused the drain pipe to become clogged and stop passing waste water. In that case we might recommend using sewer jetting to remove the clog.

Tree Roots?

Are tree roots the problem? If so we may recommend either mechanical cutting or using a chemical agent like RootX to remove and prevent a reoccurance of the root growth.